Selling Your Facebook Page Has Never Been Easier!

Step 1: Get Quote

The first step is pretty straightforward.   You use our submission form to submit your facebook page for a quote.   A representative will Analyze your page and respond to you with a quote.

Step 2: Choose Escrow

Obviously security is a huge concern when you sell your Facebook page.  How do you know you’re not going to get ripped off?  Using an Escrow service solves this issue and secures the transaction.  An escrow is a 3rd party that assists in transferring ownership of an asset. In this case, the 3rd party escrow service holds the funds until the Facebook page is transferred. Escrow benefits both parties. It ensures us (the buyer) that we do not pay until the process is completely finished, and it protects you (the seller) by ensuring you that you will receive the agreed upon amount upon release of the Facebook page.

Step 3: Sell Your Facebook Page Via Escrow

How to sell your Facebook Page using Escrow:

Step 1: Contract Is Drafted

A Contract will be drafted that will set the price as well as what will be transferred for the price.

Step 2: Escrow is Funded

We will fund the Escrow of your choice. There will be a waiting period. The escrow service will notify you when the funds are secured in the escrow.

Step 3: Assetts Are Transferred

After the funds are secured in the escrow account, the assets are transferred to the purchasing party.

Step 4: Escrow is Released

After the assets are transferred the escrow funds are released to the seller.

We will draft up a document containing the conditions of the agreement. The amount agreed upon will be deposited into the escrow of your choice. You then transfer the page to us and the escrow is released.

Since an Escrow is a 3rd party, should a dispute arise, the 3rd party will mediate between both parties until an agreement can be made. This should never be necessary, however, as the process of transferring a Facebook page is pretty straightforward.

Step 4: Walk away a Happy Customer

After completing the transfer the escrow will be released and you will receive the money for all the hard earned work you put into your page.

Are you ready to sell your Facebook page?

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